I had to do a double take a few days ago when I was running some errands and spotted a tricked out white van driving through Brick.

It was decked out with cameras, sensors, and antennas. When I first saw it coming it just looked like a plain white van.

My first guess was that it had something to do with the President.

We all know that President Trump's name is on a number of properties in New Jersey, including a golf course in Colts Neck. And while he no longer owns any Atlantic City casinos, of course his name is still tied to the city.

So it isn't much of a leap to think that an advance Secret Service team could have been passing through our area.

But as the van passed I saw more information in understated and simple black lettering:

That's right, the world's largest tech company, Apple, is meandering through Ocean County. And as you can see in the photo above, it's not only been seen here. That picture was taken in Massachusetts.


Well, we don't really know.

The company is pretty open about the fact that it has a fleet of vehicles touring the world, even telling us where we can find them, but according to tech website Mashable, the specific purpose isn't really clear at the moment. 

They could be working on making the Apple Maps app more of a competitor to Google Maps by including Google-like "street view" photos (which, as of now Apple Maps doesn't have).

Or they could be working on anything from 3-D views from the street, to engulfing virtual reality experiences.

Either way, Apple is sticking to their tradition of keeping secrets (or at least trying to).

I can reliably say two things:

  1. They're doing something that involves some kind of high tech gear on nondescript white vans that are making their way around the world (I know, pretty groundbreaking statement, right?).
  2. We'll know what they're up to when they want us to know what they're up to.

Have you spotted the Apple Maps van in Ocean County? Tell us where in the comments section!

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