I miss the ACME Draft house so much.

The ACME Draft House was very popular. At the time of the pandemic, they had to close their doors. From their website back in 2019, early 2020:


Unfortunately, we are no longer able to remain open during this crisis.

We greatly appreciate your generous support and can't wait to re-open and serve you all again in our home.

Until then, remain safe. Practice Social distancing, and help end this outbreak.

Much Love, your Acme Draft House Family

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This is pretty sad for us in Bayville. It was a nice restaurant for everyone in the family. Can we just give a shout-out to their Irish Nachos, come on, they were delicious. From the Irish Nachos to their soups and the TVs in the booth, we enjoyed it. We had so many great memories there with the family.

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The ACME Draft House was located in Berkeley Plaza in Bayville. The restaurant is right next to a liquor store and the pet store. The plaza is usually packed because of ShopRite. It would be a great location for another restaurant.

What's replacing the ACME Draft House in Bayville?

It might be a great space for a brewing company or a distillery. I think that would be pretty cool for Bayville. Originally I thought that a brewing company or a distillery was moving in. I haven't heard any more about that?

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The shopping plaza definitely needs something. Once again, some stores are empty and need to be filled and ACME Draft House is a prime location for something we need and want in Bayville. What do you think should go there?

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