Another third-party candidate is hoping to fill the Ocean County Freeholder seat that's up for re-election next month.

Democratic-Republic Party Candidate Tracy Caprioni for Freeholder
Democratic-Republic Party Candidate Tracy Caprioni for Freeholder

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On WOBM-AM's Townsquare Tonight, Democratic-Republican Party Candidate Tracy Caprioni of Brick is hoping to shake things up on the Board of Chosen Freeholders by employing the ideologies of the Democratic-Republican Party.

"The big ideology of the Democratic-Republican Party is Meritocracy, merit. If you have a position, you need merit for that position or you need experience and education to have that position."

As an educator, Caprioni believes that just like teachers are being held accountable for their ability to educate students ... appointed and elected officials must also be vetted to insure they're the best person for the job.

"They should be held accountable and culpable, not only to themselves, to having experience and a background in that area that they're in, but so do the people that appoint them," he explains.

Caprioni is hoping to motivate disenfranchised and apathetic citizens to go to the polls.

"But really it's to reach out to those people. Make them feel that they are important make them realize that their vote is important. Because their vote affects those conditions that they're living under."

He said elected officials all too often treat the symptoms of problems rather than just fix the problem. In the case of the Ocean County Freeholders he brings up the homeless issue.

"If we can build a facility as we did years ago, putting on a wing to the prison system to bed over 400 inmates, hire 28 corrections officers for over $50 million. Then how are we spending close to that much on the needy and vulnerable residents of the county," said Caprioni......"Sending people to hotel rooms, sending them out of the county, is not the answer. If we can build a facility for inmates, we can certainly build a facility to address these social issues."

Caprioni has a Criminal Justice background in Monmouth County, union negotiating skills, he's an Eagle Scout and teaches in the Asbury Park School District. Get more information from his Facebook page here.