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It's so sad to see local restaurants close because of the coronavirus pandemic.

After limited seating was allowed in our New Jersey restaurants some restaurants even though they were opened can't make it because of 25% capacity.

Tuckerton Beach Grille tried it with lesser capacity and they just can't make it, they posted this to Facebook and thanked their customers for everything:

TO OUR VALUED & WONDERFUL CUSTOMERS. After much deliberation we came to a decision to PERMANENTLY CLOSE operations at Tuckerton Beach Grille. WE ARE SO VERY SADDENED about this decision. As TBG restaurant owners, Romeo and Valerie are devastated by the prolonged pandemic and the effects of the continued shut-downs of businesses in NJ. Although we recently were able to open the doors for indoor dining again, with MUCH success, we found that without enough devoted employees, who truly wanted to work full schedules, we couldn't service our customers properly. We thank our incredibly awesome employees that were with us so many years and we can't thank our customers enough for staying with us and sharing in the bounty. Yes, through ups and downs, joys and tragedies - floods, storms and blizzards - we kept serving up a great menu, wonderful drinks and fun with family and friends. We wish it could be different. God bless you all and may God bless America.

It's such a sad time now, even though restaurants are open for indoor dining now, it's just not always enough. To the owners of Tuckerton Beach Grille - I've been to the TBG a couple of times and I loved it.

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