For several weeks, a local resident has been producing videos that, he says, show evidence of Bigfoot - or a Bigfoot family - inhabiting the Menantico Ponds are of Millville.

I even went to Menantico Ponds on my own to search for any Bigfoot I could find, but I pretty much came up empty. You can watch my video by clicking here.

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The "original Millville Bigfoot hunter" story can be found here. The original hunter, known as "Man of Light" has done numerous videos about Bigfoot and Menantico Ponds, which can be found here.

Now another guy has done his own video following his own search of Menantico Ponds. (By the way, yes, I know I have mispronounced the name of the place.)

The newest Bigfoot tracker is Vincenzo Macrino, with an assist from a young lady, Eva. We're not sure of the actual date of his Bigfoot search. That piece of information might be top secret.

My favorite quote from Macrino in this video is "We're going to see some ****-***** bigfeet!"

WARNING: Words on the soundtrack may prove offensive to some.


I must say, thanks to a loud, jamming soundtrack, Macrino wins the contest for the most entertaining Bigfoot-in-Menantico-Ponds-Video so far.

(By the way, I find it appalling that Macrino would put a small child in danger by making her walk through a known Bigfoot habitat. Someone, PLEASE CALL CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES ON THIS GUY!)

Yes, I'm joking.

Vincent Macrino, I love your video, your storytelling,  and your sense of humor! Rock on!

YouTube Vincenzo Macrino
YouTube Vincenzo Macrino

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