DVR alert! Set a reminder to check out The Food Network on Sunday, October 25th and watch a hometown baker bring her talent back to the national stage.

That's right, I said "back to".

Jennifer Richmond of JenniCakes first appeared on The Food Network's Cake Wars back in 2016, now, she'll be competing on the appropriately seasonal special Halloween Freakshow Cakes for their "Clowning Around" episode next Sunday.

Here's the announcement from the official JenniCakes Facebook page:

Halloween Freakshow Cakes debuts on The Food Network this Sunday (October 18th) at 10:30 P.M.

Here's how the network describes the seasonal special:

Freakishly talented cake artists step right up to the sideshow tent to whip up Halloween cakes in a one-of-a-kind cake showdown

Each episode pits three teams of cake artists in a competition to see who can scare up the most frightening dessert.

In the official show description for the October 25th episode that Jennifer will be on, The Food Network teases that we can look forward to, "creepy clown-inspired cakes" and "concession stand treats".

JenniCakes has been providing amazing desserts to the Jersey Shore for a number of years now (we've even enjoyed some of her sweet treats right here at the WOBM offices), with some amazingly artistic cakes.

Just check out some of these JenniCakes works of art:

If you love cake art, it's definitely worth stopping by the official JenniCakes Facebook page, which you can do by clicking here.

Good luck to our hometown Jennifer Richmond of JenniCakes, we'll be rooting for you next Sunday!

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