New Jersey is an interesting media landscape. While we are Ocean County's Hometown Station and we have some of the best reporters in the business, our TV news mostly comes from New York City or Philadelphia. We form bonds with our favorite personalities, whether it's radio or TV. And it looks like one of the most popular TV news personalities will soon be gone from the airwaves.

The New York Post's gossip queen Cindy Adams is reporting that she has been told that WNBC (channel 4) News anchor Sue Simmons will be leaving the station when her contract is up in June.

Sue has been a fixture on channel 4 as long as I've lived in New Jersey. I moved away for college, and then work, for around 11 years in the mid 90's. When I came home to New Jersey a lot had changed; new housing developments, new strip malls, new highway overpasses. But one thing was still the same, Sue Simmons was still at the anchor desk next to her longtime co-anchor Chuck Scarborough, and that was comforting.

I've always thought that Sue expertly walked the line of professional newscaster and occasional mischief maker. I don't know her, I've never met her, but she seems like she'd be a ton of fun to have a drink with.

It's hard to imagine turning on our TVs and not seeing Sue. It would be like WOBM without Kevin Williams or Bob Levy. It just won't be the same.

What media personalities could you not imagine not having on your radio or TV? Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know!

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