This article is all about history here in our area. I decided to give you the oldest town in Ocean, Burlington, and Monmouth Counties. Each county has one town that stands out as the most historical town.

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Of the three counties, the oldest town is located in Burlington County. The city of Burlington checks in as our oldest town within the three counties.

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Here is a look at the oldest town in each county, according to an article from Only In Your State:


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Ocean County

The oldest town in Ocean County is also the "county seat"...Toms River is the oldest town in Ocean County. Toms River was first established by the Royal Charter as then "Dover Township" in 1768. Toms River is the 12th oldest town in New Jersey.



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Burlington County

The oldest town in Burlington County is the City of Burlington, which dates back to 1677 and was part of William Penn's "West Jersey" Quaker settlement. Burlington is the third oldest town in all of New Jersey.




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Monmouth County

When it comes to Monmouth County the oldest town in Monmouth is Freehold Township. Freehold Township dates back to 1693. Interesting note, Freehold Township was founded on Halloween, 1693. Freehold Township is the 6th oldest town in New Jersey.

So there you go, the oldest towns in Ocean, Burlington, and Monmouth counties...Toms River, Burlington, and Freehold Township.


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