Do you suffer from "Speluncaphobia" According to Google Speluncaphobia is the fear of caves, usually dark caves. This phobia can lead to nyctophobia (The fear of darkness). So if you do have this fear, my article may make you a bit anxious.


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I have been in some mines here in New Jersey. We toured an old mining company the Sterling Hill Mine in Ogdensburg New Jersey, which is in Sussex County. It's kinda like a cave and we did go deep. CLICK HERE to check out my story on the Sterling Hill Mining Company and see photos.
 nika tchokhonelidze nika tchokhonelidze



So when it comes to caves here in New Jersey, I wanted to write about the deepest cave we have here in the Garden State. According to Google, the deepest cave is located in Sussex County, in the Skylands Section of New Jersey.

"Crooked Swamp Cave" is the deepest cave. It's located in Lafayette, New Jersey. "Composed of eight sections and passages totaling 1,250 feet, this Lafayette cave is the longest in the state. Along with the impressive title, Crooked Swamp Cave resides in a much larger wildlife preserve and marsh complex." Adam Bixby Adam Bixby



For me, I don't mind going underground if the area is open with lots of space, but to go caving in tight tunnels with bare room to move, no way! I would hate being in such tight places for too long. claustrophobic for sure.

So have you gone caving in Crooked Swamp Cave? Give us your review and post your comments below.


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