Alzheimer's is a disease that affects millions of Americans, and the non-profit that bears its name in New Jersey, is holding a "walk to fight Alzheimer's" Saturday in Point Pleasant Beach.

Their mission is to lend support, aid and provide important information to patients and caregivers of those with the disease.

The non-profit 'Alzheimer's New Jersey' raises awareness and funds to support local programs helping those affected by all forms of dementia.

Organization President and CEO Ken Zaentz says all are welcome to the Southern Regional Walk on Saturday, whether you're impacted by the disease or just a concerned citizen.

"It's an opportunity for people in the community, not only people who are currently impacted by the disease, but the community in general, to come together and make a statement about the impact of Alzheimer's," said Zaentz, in a WOBM News interview.

They currently have about $290,000.00 raised with a goal of $840,000.00 from this and three upcoming walks in October at Liberty State Park in Jersey City on the 7th, Central Regional Walk in Princeton on the 22nd and the Northern Regional Walk in Paramus on the 29th.

"100-percent of the money we raise support New Jersey families who are impacted by Alzheimer's disease," said Zaentz.

“This year’s walks are critically important for the more than 500,000 New Jersey residents who have Alzheimer’s disease or are caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or other dementia's,” said Zaentz in an earlier official statement. “Since we separated from the Alzheimer’s Association, our walk has a new name, but it’s still the same walk in the same locations by the team you know and trust. We know New Jersey, we are New Jersey and we are here for New Jersey families when they need us, using contributions to support the local needs of families impacted by Alzheimer’s disease.”

Zaentz says while research is critical to find a cure, we don't know when that day will come, so it's important to provide treatment services to those affected because that's just as important.

"Most of the money that we raise at these walks is not to fund research, it's really for care and support services for people who are living with this disease in Ocean County communities," said Zaentz.

He says services include support groups for caregivers so they don't have to feel like they're the only ones in that situation of helping a loved one with the struggles of the disease.

"The support groups can not only be a place for education but also a place for caregivers to connect and form bonds with each other," said Zaentz.

"Caregivers tell us all the time that if they could just understand the disease a little bit more, if they just knew a little bit about why their loved one was exhibiting certain behaviors or acting in a certain way, they would be better able to handle some of those challenges," said Zaentz.

Zaentz hopes you'll join them even after the event to help in the fight against Alzheimer's because they need your help too.

"It's clear that this disease is going to have a huge impact on our state, our quality of life and on resources," said Zaentz.

If you're interested in volunteering with the group, head over to their website to fill out the form.

The event starts at 8:30 am Saturday with registration and a light breakfast followed by a kickoff rally at 9:30 am and the 2.6-mile walk at 10 am.

There's no fee to register but if you raise at least $50.00, you'll get a t-shirt.

Afterwards you're invited to head back to the start and socialize with others and enter to win some fun raffle prizes.

Parking is being made available near the beginning of the route on Arnold and Ocean Avenues in a municipal lot, there's also parking machines and non-metered spots nearby.

To sign-up ahead of time for the race, donate or volunteer, head over to their website or call 973-586-4300 or email

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