The police have a warning for Toms River residents and surrounding areas.

I often say we have the best police departments in Ocean County. The Toms River Police Department is one of the best in our areas and when they send out a warning, we all have to listen.

What's the warning from the Toms River Police Department for their residents?

It's a bit strange but it's happening in our local towns. Residents that are receiving packages and deliveries to their homes, package thefts dressed up as Amazon employees are taking their packages.

From the Toms River Police Department, according to the

"Several agencies, including ours, are investigating thefts of packages left by Amazon/FedEx/UPS drivers, and the thefts are happening in multiple communities. Suspects wearing Amazon vests are approaching residences immediately after packages are delivered."

Thanks to the and the Toms River Police Department, many of the thefts are iPhones. If anyone sees anyone suspicious, please call 732-349-0150.

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It's just crazy we have to even think this could happen. So many people have ring and other video cameras in the front of their home and it helps. I can't tell you how thankful and how much safer I feel that I have ring security cameras.

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I remember several years ago I had five packages taken from my front porch and they were chairs. That is when we got the ring, it's a horrible feeling knowing someone comes right on your property and takes your items.

Please pay attention to what happens in your neighborhood and help out your neighbors if you see anything suspicious.

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