It is time, time to decorate for Christmas. Usually April and I will decorate right after Thanksgiving and once again we did just that, we began on Black Friday and finished on Sunday.


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We enjoy having the house decorated for Christmas and over the years April has collected some great holiday decorations. We do a litttle in the front of the house, nothing crazy. April does some decor in her garden now that most of it has finished for the year. We do however do a good amount inside our home with lots of touches of Christmas throughout the house including two Christmas trees….and that’s where our story begins.

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Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


First let me say I know there are a lot worse things to be worried about, trust me I know especially in these last few weeks, this lesson begins with the Christmas tree in the family room. I started by “assuming” the lights from last year worked and you know what happens when you “assume”. So after stringing the tree I plugged them in and ….. nothing. Yup the lights didn’t work and yes I tested them several ways before pulling them off.

Next I went to the store to grab plain “white” lights. We use color lights on the living tree and white lights on the family room tree. I came home took the lights out and went to string them when April said “Oh no” and that’s not what I wanted to hear. It seems I didn’t realize the “wires” came in different colors. The wire was white and she didn’t think it looked good on a green tree. I actually agree, but wasn’t happy that I had to undo my work and head back out again!

Next I made sure at the store I looked and yes the lights were white and the wires were green! Mission accomplished. I came home and began stringing. I had two sets of lights and finished the first. I took out the second and strung that when I discovered OMG they are two different shades of white! What? Isn’t there just white and color lights? NO there is different shades ! There are “cool” white and “warm” white and you guessed it I bought one box of each! So back out to the store AGAIN.

This time I checked the wires, green, then I checked for “white” lights and finally that they were “warm” white so they matched. And yes finally the tree was finished ✅

By the way NO blinking lights, we just stick with solid light. Hope I maybe will save you some time this holiday season….Merry Christmas 🎄


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