EDISON — A dog described as an "aggressive pit bull" fatally attacked a Jack Russell Terrier and remained on the loose Monday.

The unleashed dog without a collar attacked the smaller dog on College Drive as it was being walked in Millbrook Village near Middlesex Community College Friday around 11:45 p.m., according to Edison police.


The owner of the terrier, whose identity was not disclosed, told police the pit bull bit her 3-year-old until dog another resident hit the put bull with a shovel, according to police. The pit bull ran off while the Jack Russell was taken to a veterinarian and later died for its severe injuries, polic esaid.

Edison Township’s animal control officers and police continued to search in the area of College Driver and Mill Road for a "large-breed dog" that fatally mauled a Jack Russell Terrier as its owner walked it along College Drive on Friday night.

Anyone seeing the dog should not approach it and instead call 911.