Hello, my name is Justin, and I'm a gadget addict.

There's just something about neat technology that's always pulled me in.

It's something that's been going on for years too.

I'm not necessarily the type that has to have the absolute top of the line, most expensive toys the second they come out, but when I come across something that's neat and affordable, I can't help myself.

Last week, I saw a sale on one of the popular daily deal websites for a smartwatch.

Smartwatches have been around for a little while now, and range anywhere from $50 all the way into the hundreds of dollars. I haven't gotten one up until now because, honestly, who actually needs one?

But I saw the deal for a great price, and I bit.

The only problem - it didn't work as advertised. On the sale website, on the manufacturer's website, and even on the instructions, it said that it was fully compatible with both iPhone and Android phones.

This was not the case.

After emailing the company and asking about why it wasn't working with my iPhone, they directly told me that all of the functionality didn't work with iPhones.

I was pretty irritated at this lack of disclosure, so I returned it.

The only problem was the fact that I'd now had a taste of a cool new gadget.

So I figured what I would be getting back for my refund, decided that I would be willing to spend a little bit more, did a lot of research, and came across the Pebble Smartwatch.

The great part about the Pebble - it actually does what they say it does. What a concept.

So far I love it. It's looks spiffy and it does some really cool things.

Do I need it? Of course not. I guess that's where the minor "addiction" part comes in.

Do you like gadgets? What are some of the cool toys that you have? Tell us in the comments!