Here's your warning — patrols will be ramped up every weekend throughout the summer along the Atlantic City Expressway.

As part of an aggressive driver enforcement campaign from the South Jersey Transportation Authority, members of the New Jersey State Police assigned to the Expressway Station will increase their presence on the roadway by about 50% on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

They won't just be looking for speeders or those who are driving under the influence. The target is any habit that puts other drivers at risk — texting while driving, following others too closely, and failure to switch lanes without a blinker, for example.

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"Anecdotally, we can tell you that coming out of COVID, we've seen an increase in distracted driving single-vehicle accidents," said Jim Sullivan, director of operations for SJTA.

Sullivan noted the supplemental patrols will be "highly visible," meaning they'll be on the road in marked vehicles. The Atlantic City Expressway, which stretches from AC to Route 42 east of Philadelphia, encompasses more than 40 miles of roadway, but this program will generally focus on a specific 10-mile stretch.

SJTA noted the authority receives no revenue from enforcement action, so this campaign should not be seen as a money grab.

"Truth be told, we are hoping the added State Police presence will result in zero violations and remind drivers to slow down, avoid texting and practice safe driving habits," said SJTA Executive Director Stephen Dougherty.

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