Did you know that New Jersey is home to the most actively haunted abandoned prisons in the country? I have to imagine prison is a place where even the ghosts don’t realize that they are free. Now you can take a horrifying tour of it.

Photo by R.D. Smith on Unsplash
Photo by R.D. Smith on Unsplash

Did you know that New Jersey is home to one of the most haunted prisons in the world? Do you believe that unthinkable torture leaves a footprint memory on a place?  Is there such a thing as active spirits that want revenge? The history of this place alone will chill you to the bone.  If you love history and you think that you can handle the truth, you need to tour this house of horrors.

This stone fortress has roots back to 1811…many prisoners went in, and many never made it out but as legend has it, the conditions were so unbearable that inmates mentally checked out way before their bodies did.

Prisoners were carted outside to watch their peers get hanged to help “keep them in line”.  Public hanging spectators literally saw men becoming ghosts right before their eyes.

This place is The Burlington County Prison in Mount Holly, New Jersey.  You know the expression, "if these walls could talk"?  Well, here they do.  This once-abandoned jail has now been restored and this Historic Burlington County Prison is now a museum that tells the tale of the punished.

When we learn from historians that many of the inmates didn’t even have a bed and instead, they were forced to sleep on the moist, cold stone floor, which is enough to make someone go mad.

The Burlington County Prison is open all year long which begs the question, are you brave enough to go to history class?

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