It seems to me like the entire world is stuck in neutral with no place to go.

In the U.S. we can’t escape the implications that come with the potential impeachment of a president who has divided this country like we have never seen before.  It’s a cloud that hangs over everything as politicians spend time and resources dealing with that issue while moving things that really matter to the back-burner like gun control.

When was the last time you heard meaningful conversation about fixing America’s infrastructure which was supposed to be a priority but like many other things in Washington has been shoved to the side?

And don’t forget the unstable world around us. Whether it be the Middle East, Russia, China or North Korea.  Terrorism, nuclear weapons, hunger, poverty, climate change and much more.

Here in New Jersey it seems like doom and gloom rule the day.  The state continues to be in a financial mess, some have given up on property tax relief and moved elsewhere, the business climate does not seem very friendly, we can’t agree on legalizing marijuana, traffic is often a nightmare (especially for commuters) and the Rutgers football program is in shambles.

Want to bring this closer to home?  Ocean County has a serious problem with opioids and other drugs, troubles in Lakewood have spilled over into Toms River and Jackson with anti-Semitism now a serious issue.  Plus there’s increasing concern over risks that coastal communities face when the next big storm comes and it seems like roadways are bursting at the seams.

To sum it all up we have serious problems.  Of course many will tell you it’s no different now than 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 years ago.  I used to be among them but this time things just seem and feel different.  Optimism has largely been replaced by pessimism and just plain negativity.  We need something positive.

Maybe it would be a good thing if the Yankees won the World Series.  At least it would give many something to feel good about if even for just a short time.  So with that said I’m fully on board pulling for the guys in pinstripes.

(You don’t really believe this do you?)


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