As we head closer to Mother's Day weekend, a tradition that has been on the airwaves here in New Jersey for 10 years is back this Friday!

Once again, my mother will be joining me in-studio to co-host my Mother's Day weekend special.

It's a tradition that actually goes back before I moved back to New Jersey in 2007, but this will be the 10th year that we've been going on the air together here in the Garden State.

If you've caught this special show in the past, you know that my mother isn't just a guest in the studio, but I put her to work, she quite literally co-hosts the show with me.

We've got a lot planned for this Friday, maybe we'll even show up on Facebook Live so you can peek in on the show for yourself!

So tune in this Friday from 3-8pm for my annual Mother's Day special along with my mom, the once-a-year biggest radio star in New Jersey!

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