Old man winter is coming soon to Ocean County and of course, winter means it's time to find things to do indoors to keep warm and have fun. We are looking for great places to go with your family this winter in Ocean County.


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During winter we need a place to take the kids that are heated and dry. Of course, there are times when you wanna get the kids outdoors and enjoy some winter fun, especially if we get some snow this winter. The Jersey Shore is funny because the Atlantic Ocean will often keep us out of big snows path, but on occasion, we get a storm that has all the necessary elements to give us good snow. When we do get good snow it's great to get outside and take advantage of it.




Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels



The place I want you to put on your list this winter is one f my favorites, Jenkinson's Aquarium in Point Pleasant Beach. It is an awesome place to take the kids. We went often when my kids were growing up and they always enjoyed a day at the aquarium.

What is great is that when it's freezing and cloudy outside it feels warm and sunny inside the aquarium with all kinds of attractions for you to see and interact with and it's a great break from the dark days of winter. I actually find it refreshing to be around the sea life and animals inside the aquarium. It's like a trip to a warm beach lol

They have the seals and penguins at the aquarium which are very popular and the shark tank always gets the kid's attention. They have a cute gift shop as well on your way out.

So next time you need a little summer therapy, a quick trip to Jenkinson's aquarium can definitely help out.


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