I’m bad with dates but it was sometime in the 1980’s when I received a call from Beachwood Mayor William (Bill) Hornidge.  He wanted to know if I would serve on a committee whose main job was to help coordinate fundraising for the borough’s annual 4th of July Fireworks show.  While I am a resident the main reason Bill wanted me was to assure cooperation with WOBM to extend the promotion of the holiday event which draws spectators from all over.

Well here we are in 2022 and technically I am still part of the committee along with current mayor Ron Roma and council members Bev Clayton and Jerry LaCrosse which makes me the only non-elected official. Most importantly despite some recent challenges all looks good for Monday night when Beachwood continues a summer tradition that dates back to 1922 but missed a few years along the way.  I think officially this is the 82nd annual extravaganza and while to spectators along the river and more it’s just a night to look into the sky for those involved there is much more.

There was a time when just about every local town had a fireworks show around the holiday but that is no longer the case and the reason why is money and budgets.  When Mayor Hornidge started the fireworks committee he did so out of necessity as the money to pay for the fireworks display does not come from taxpayers but through sponsors and direct donations from the public.  Fortunately through the years enough has been raised to cover this and a big shout-out goes to Comcast Cable Corp. and their director of government affairs Rob Clifton as they have been the main sponsor.

There are others including WOBM/Townsquare Media, Remington & Vernick, Spirits Unlimited, Connor Strong & Buckelew, Suplee Clooney & Co, Hiering, Gannon & McKenna, East Coast Flagpole and Dasti, Murphy & McGuckin.  However what has for the most part dried up in recent years are donations from the public, many of whom have enjoyed the fireworks every July 4th.  I have always said that if everyone who watched them on land and in the water donated $1.00 we could cover the cost for years.

With that said and on behalf of the Fireworks Committee please consider sending a donation of any amount.  Checks should be made out to “Beachwood Fireworks” and can be dropped off at borough hall or mailed there are 1600 Pinewald Road Beachwood, 08722.

Beachwood Fireworks
Beachwood Fireworks (Beachwood Recreation)

One last thing and that is a shout-out to all of those who make it happen.  That includes the Public Works Department, Police Department and volunteers from the fire department and first aid squads.  If not for their efforts an event this size simply could

not happen.

Here’s to a spectacular fireworks show on July 4th…Happy Birthday America!


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