I did something really fun and out of character over the weekend.  I went axe throwing!  It's an activity that's increasing in popularity in cities around the country.  Philly and NYC have places already and I hear franchises are in the works for other areas.  I'd describe it as being like playing darts with a bunch of friends; only instead of small darts,  you're hurling 1 1/2 pound axes at wooden targets.  I admit I was one of the worst in my group but I had a whole lot of fun.  There's just something exhilerating about trying something new.

Everyone had a great time so we started talking about what other things we could do to get out of our comfort zones in the future.   Have you ever found your way out of an Escape Room?  I have not but I'd like to try.  And I heard there's a smiliar group activity that gives a set amount of time to dismantle a fake bomb.  If you don't do it in time, it will explode and you'll get colored paint all over you.

And did you know people can know pay to get out their frustrations in a Rage Room?  True, some cities have places where you can smash dishes, old computers, CDs, and other assorted objects.  I was shocked when I first heard about this but then thought it's a pretty brilliant idea that hopefully will reduce incidents of road rage.  People can work out their anger safely in one of these rooms.

Next on my list is indoor skydiving.  Have you done that yet?   Have you tried any of these unusual recreational things yet?  Think you might?


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