If you read this segment with any regularity then you know A Need We Feed is one of my favorite local charitable organizations and that was even before the pandemic took what they do to another level.

In a moment I will share some great news but first a little background.

To those that don’t know they were basically created following Superstorm Sandy in 2012 when they helped provide food and comfort to not only those displaced but the many first responders and out-of-town workers and volunteers that came here to help rebuild and restore the Jersey Shore .  From those early initiatives which included large holiday feedings has come a 501(c) non-profit organization that now prepares, packages and delivers more than 11,000 hot meals each year to veterans, children and families dealing with food insecurity.  A family-based organization they partner with many groups in the community who know where the need is the greatest.

Of course demand for their services has risen dramatically since COVID-19 invaded the shore area.  Requests for meals went from 200 each week to more than 800 and with support from the community and their partners A Need We Feed was able to not only feed those in need but help struggling local restaurants.

What they have done for months is purchase meals from restaurants through fundraising efforts and then deliver them to a network of veterans, homebound seniors, children and families.  Of course this also means they have to continuously find sources of financial assistance and this is where I get to share some awesome news.

Co-founder and President Cliff Baker reached out to me Thursday to let me know they had received $195,000 grant from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority through its Sustain and Serve NJ program.  That money will allow A Need We Feed to purchase 1,100 meals a week from local restaurants from now through the end of May.

That is simply tremendous news for the many people in need of hot meals for themselves and their families.  At the end of the day it is all about helping those in our community and clearly this grassroots organization built on volunteers has and continues to do that.

Learn more visit aneedwefeed.org


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