Sure, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. But they're also the most stressful time of the year, as an altercation at a local ShopRite showed.

Boiling points were hit by two shoppers at the Howell ShopRite on Route 9 when a Brick shopper was confronted by a Howell woman who noticed that the other shopper had more than 20 items in her order in the express lane.

According to the narrative from, the 43-year-old Brick shopper got into the 20 items or less express lane with, well, more than 20 items, breaking her basket up into three separate orders.

When a 45-year-old Howell woman took her fellow shopper to task over the overstuffed order, things got physical.

According to the story:

After the two exchanged words, they got into a fight that witnesses in a local Facebook group said included punches to the head, biting, spitting and pulling hair.

The incident may have been extreme and we certainly don't condone violence, but it's definitely a reminder that the express lane limits are there for a reason and nerves get frayed around the holidays.

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