A Jackson zoning board member sought on suspicion of child pornography distribution has an aggravated assault charge added, allegedly for confronting police at his house with a loaded handgun. Detectives said that Anthony Marano didn't point the weapon at them, but refused several orders to drop it. He was jailed until his intial court appearance.

Anthony Marano (Ocean Co. Dept. of Corrections)
Anthony Marano (Ocean Co. Dept. of Corrections)

Sonic reveals a data breach that potentially affects millions of credit and debit card holders. Banks called it to the company's attention after seeing fraud patterns emerge. The fast food chain has 17 sites in New Jersey, more than 3,600 nationwide.

A half-dozen of the 26 suspected welfare cheats arrested in Lakewood during the summer seek entry to pre-trial intervention. The program is open to first-time offenders and those with no criminal records, typically involves several years of compliance, fines and restitution, and obliterates standing charges if completed successfully.

He was very friendly, and he wanted to pet her dog - but his junk was airing outside of his mesh shorts. a Berkeley Township woman told police September 9. The woman and the flasher quickly went seperate ways, but she offered a detailed description of the rest of him, and when they find him, there'll be a lewdness charge waiting.

Two Monmouth County companies are ordered to stop selling skind-whitening formulas and other elixirs not approved by the FDA, and to recall and destroy whatever's out there within 20 days. Products packaged by Flawless Beauty LLC and RDG Imports included ingredients such as placenta and stem cells, and promised effects including control of Parkinson's disease.

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