Carnage erupts in lower Manhattan, as a driver in a rented truck jumps a curb, runs a bike lane and mows down riders from behind. Six people died, 15 more were injured. The driver's identity has yet to be issued. He reportedly was injured by police gunfire before his arrest.

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The house-burglary allegation total in Monmouth County reaches 10, against a suspect from Little Egg Harbor. Christopher Kingsbury is accused of break-ins in Aberdeen, and is a person of interest for cases in three other towns.

Alleging mainstreaming, the New Jersey Attorney General's office files a five-count suit against the manufacturer of OxyContin. The complaint claims that Purdue Pharma marketed well beyond chronic pain patients and misled doctors about the opiate's strength, side effects, and signs of addiction.

A decision for, or against, Jersey Central Power and Light's proposed Monmouth County Reliability Project might arrive by the end of 2017. Meanwhile Residents Against Giant Electric have disclosed a plan that they believe will accomplish the same goal of electrical service reinforecement, without a chain of giant high-tension-wire poles from Red Bank to Abdereen. JCP&L considers it unfeasible. Shore Senator Jennifer Beck, suspicious of the company's rationales, wants the Board of Public Utilities to investigate its claims.

Post-disaster price gouging would be a federal violation, if legislation by shore Congressman Frank Pallone becomes law. The Democrat discloses details today in Long Branch. Gasoline, water and food are among the items included in the bill that responds to widespread exorbitant price hikes in New Jersey after Superstorm Sandy.

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