Cheery holiday melodies and biting lyrics targeting the Republican-driven federal tax reform package filled downtown Toms River today - outside the office of Congressman Tom MacArthur, a proponent of the measure that demonstrators feared will eviscerate Amdrica's middle-class financial structure. and Our Revolution Ocean County spearheaded the protest.

Downtown Toms River Protest
Downtown Toms River Protest

A 16-year member of the Ocean County Sheriff's Department awaits two to three years in prison, for stealing cocaine meant to train K9 dogs. John C. Adams pleaded guilty to theft and official misconduct. He's barred from goverment work for life.

A Marlboro 39-year-old is one of 79 alleged child porn peddlers, solicitors and debauchers are rounded up from all 21 New Jersey counties and several states in a sweep by the state Attorney General's office. Craig Kirschner is accused of propositioning someone he took to be a 15-year-old boy, who was actually a detective.

Governor Christie looks to social media to maximize attendance at his December 6 candlelight vigil in Trenton, against rampant drug abuse. He's asking surfers to spread the word, and append it with #I'llbetherewillyou.

Rabies potentially threatens a dozen people in Monmouth, Middlesex and Mercer Counties - originating with a stray kitten that was adopted in Edison, and which accompanied its new owner during a series of errands in the ensuing 11 days, including a hospital.

Would you pay extra for your license plate, if you knew that the money would help homeless veterans centers in New Jersey? State Senator Chris Connors is advancing a bill to create a special Support Our Veterans plate. It would carry an extra $50 initial fee and a $10 annual fee.

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