Today is Primary Election Tuesday in New Jersey, one of only two states (Virginia) to host gubernatorial races in 2017.

Ocean County Clerk Scott Colabella feels that turnout, which is usually on the low side for primaries may see it's first big increase since Governor Chris Christie's second term in office back in 2013.

"There was approximately a 25-percent turnout on the Republican side and 11-percent turnout on the Democratic side," said Colabella.

This turnout, aided by the largely Republican Ocean County arguably helped send Christie to a second term.

This years race among the gubernatorial candidates on the Republican side is about how much distance they can put between themselves and the unpopular Christie.

For Democrats running this year, it's about how to change or undue Christie's decision making and enforce their own agenda.

Locally, there are Republican contests for one Ocean County Freeholder seat, Brick Township's Mayoralty and the Toms River First Council Ward along with a Democrat competition in Ward Three.

Lakewood has contested races in each party for their Township Committee seats.

Colabella urges everyone to get out and vote, even if your not registered because you can always change back later

Of Ocean County's 324,000 plus registered voters, the largest number are undeclared at over 185,000.

In Neptune, a township woman was indicted Monday for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend to death in November 2016 in the chest at an apartment on Heck Avenue.

24-year old Monique Moore risks up to life in state prison if convicted.

In Lakewood, a resident is among those arrested for bringing cocaine onto a JetBlue flight he was boarding from the Dominican Republic to Boston.

Juan Taveras and his alleged partner who lives in the Bronx, were arrested when the flight landed where investigators found seven kilos of the narcotic in a suitcase they tried pawning to an undercover agent.

Internationally, health officials are growing more concerned over the amount of avian or "bird" flu that they believe may soon start spreading and infecting people across the world causing a pandemic.

The amount of precipitation we've been having is also bringing out more mosquitos.

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