Angry Toms River taxpayers and school workers, facing a yearly loss of millions of dollars in state aid for the district, get another setback when they're denied access to stage a protest in Trenton. Officials said that their access permit was denied, citing State House renovations. New Jersey legislators from the shore and other affected districts voiced their objections this morning, but other lawmakers confided to Townsquare Media that approval, of the reallocation plan, with a few modifications, is likely.

Toms River Board of Education Pres. Ben Giovine (Bradley James, Townsquare Media)
Toms River Board of Education Pres. Ben Giovine (Bradley James, Townsquare Media)

New indictments on official misconduct and theft counts are issued against former Brick Township Schools Superintendent Walter Uszenski, his daughter, and two former administrators. They're accused of contriving means to provide Uszenski's grandson with home counseling and free rides to day care with taxpayer money. Prosecutors sought new charges after a judged dismissed 16 of 19 previous counts.

Supporters and critics of New Jersey Natural Gas's proposed pipeline through sections of Burlington, western Ocean, and Monmouth Counties place their opinions on the record July 26 at the Pine Belt Arena in Toms River. The Pinelands Commission's hearing will help determine the future of the planned Southern Reliability Link, the subject of a lawsuit by the New Jersey Sierra Club.

A spike in highway deaths in New Jersey in the past several years prompts a new attempt to curb distracted driving. Fourteen rest areas and scenic overlooks are now designated "Safe Phone Zones." Transportation and law enforcement officials hope that drivers will let the text, call or e-mail wait until reaching one.

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