High humidity, gentle winds and temperatures in the upper 80s will seem normal in July, but the rapid change from highs in the 50s less than a week ago leaves many of us feeling like it's stifling outside. A Code Orange air quality alert from New Jersey environmental officials stays until midnight. They suggest limited outdoor time for the very young, very old, and respiratory patients. Townsquare Meteorologist Dan Zarrow tell us that there's a change on the way - a cold front that moves in Friday, bringing with it a chance of showers and a weekend that's 20 degrees cooler than today.


Safety performance at the Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant in Lacey undergoes public discussion May 25 at the Manahawkin Holiday Inn. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission finalized a classification of low to moderate safety risk in April, based on Exelon's handling of a faulty valve connected to the reactor.

Busloads of Lakewood students pour into Trenton, to press the issue of school funding reforms. New Jersey education officials this week cut the district's nearly $15,000,000 deficit by more than half, preserving teachers' jobs but leaving some administrators and extracurricular activities on the bubble. Mayor Ray Coles said that the issue isn't poor spending habits - it's the way that school aid is distributed.

Crystal meth, molly, LSD, psilocybin, cocaine and brass knuckles land a Manahawkin man in the Ocean County Jail. Stafford township police said they also found three pounds of marijuana in Justin Wiersig's house - less than 1,000 feet from Ocean Acres Elementary School.

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