Folks in the 13 communities surrounding Naval Weapons Station Earle can have a say in future development around the base. The Monmouth County Joint Land Use Plan undergoes discussion Thursday night in Middletown.

Naval Weapons Station Earle (Credit:
Naval Weapons Station Earle (Credit:

A pedestrian accident in Lakewood ties up busy Shorrock Street through the afternoon rush hour, from Route 70 to Beaverson Boulevard. Police did not disclose if a fatality resulted.

Censure of Monmouth County Freeholder John Curley occupies the top of the agenda at a special Board meeting this Friday - along with a resolution to update and expand County policies prohibiting workplace discrimination and sexual harassment.

Sand from Little Egg Inlet moves to southern Long Beach Island, in an $18,000,000 beach and dune restoration project approved by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. It has a March 1 completion deadline, and is financed through New Jersey's $25,000,000 Shore Protection Fund.

Lottery tickets are not ideal holiday gifts for kids - and that's from the New Jersey Lottery Executive Director. Carole Hedinger advises gifting responsibly, reserving gift tickets for adults. Minors can legally hold winning tickets, but the prize must be placed in trust accounts.

Thirteen road deaths in 2017 mark Lakewood as the next focus of Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato's driving-safety blitz. Local, county and state law enforcement teams patrol highways and local intersections between December 7 and 16.

Santacon returns to Asbury Park this Saturday. Police issued an advisory that they'll saturate the bar-crawl route, to ward off drunkenness, violence and vandalism that plagued the event for several years.

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