The seas are angry. We've got a high ripcurrent risk, high surf advisory and a gale warning in effect from Manasquan Inlet to Cape May as a coastal storm skirts the shoreline a little less than 200 miles out in the Atlantic. The heaviest of the rain is due this afternoon.


Rainfall approaches historic proportions as Harvey keeps hammering Texas and Louisiana. Some spots are seeing two inches of rain per hour. President Trump takes a first-hand look at the devastation today.

Scammers, meanwhile, are busy working phones and e-mail, using the ruse of storm aid to pull your money away from you. New Jersey Consumer Affairs Director Steve Lee urges potential victims to rely on charities they know and trust, and to avoid opening e-mail links that might trigger malware to wreck your equipment and possibly grab sensitive personal information.

A Howell Township home owner loses a round in his bid to quiet the Xscape Theaters' sound system, but he says that the fight is far form over. Marc Parisi's plea failed to move the Zoning Board Monday night. He says that his family has coped with a steady, thunderous rumble every day since the theater opened - 16 months ago.

Everyone who lives, works, or attends school within 10 miles of the Oyster Creek generating station in Lacey should keep potassium iodide tablets handy, as a first line of defense in th event of a nuclear accident. The Ocean County Health Department hands them out for free today at Lacey Township High School, along with free health screenings and disaster prep tips.

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