We are seeing this way to much lately.

Our favorite stores and convenience stores we stop at every day are closing.

It all seems to stem from the pandemic from 4 years ago and some of these stores and convenience stores never recuperated after the nationwide shut-down.

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What popular convenience store with over 300 locations in New Jersey could be closing?

7-Eleven, home of the Slurpee. So many of us celebrate Slurpee Day every 7/11. I know I do. Could this be coming to an end? It could be.

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels (Blueberry Slurpee)

There are over 9,000 7-Eleven stores in America. California has the most 7-Eleven locations in the country.

New Jersey has over 340 7-Eleven stores. Oh, by the way, while we're talking about 7-Eleven, did you ever taste their pizza. It's really good, surprising, I know - but it is.

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So, along with all the closures of some of our favorites in the last two years, does 7-Eleven surprise you? Sad to say, no not really.

How many 7-Eleven locations in the US will be closing in 2024?

According to cbsnews.com, in the United States in 2024 7-Eleven will be closing more than 270 locations. But, no dates have been given to when. CBS News did report that in 2023 7-Eleven closed 184 stores in America.

Will New Jersey 7-Eleven locations be affected by the closings?

There has been no word, according to cbsnews.com where and when these closings will take place. But, with these locations closing there is good news for Slurpee fans, more 7-Elevens will be opening up in the US. I know it's rather confusing, but click here for more information.

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