Six people are alive after being revived from heroin overdoses in Ocean County this month alone, by police administering the opiate antidote Narcan.

Five overdose victims were revived with the nasal spray in less than 48 hours, according to the Prosecutor's Office.

The most recent reversal came  Wednesday afternoon in Berkeley Township. Patrolman Jason Malley responded to a report of a drug overdose at a Hayes Avenue address in the Bayville section. He was able to save a 27-year-old man by administering the Narcan spray, and with assistance from Patrolman John Mulvihill. In about five minutes the victim abruptly sat up and asked what had happened.

The fifth save also happened Wednesday in Lacey. Police Sergeant Paul Sullivan responded to a Frog Hollow Road home in the Forked River section about an unresponsive 30-year-old woman. He was able to save her in less than three minutes of administering the nasal spray.

The fourth and third reversals happened on April 22. Emergency medical personnel responded to a Briar Hill Apartments residence in Manchester and revived an unresponsive 28-year-old man administering Narcan. In Seaside that night, Patrolman Edward Pasieka responded to a 911call about a 22-year-old woman overdosing on heroin at a Sampson Avenue home. Pasieka used Narcan to save the woman's life.

Not even 24 hours earlier, Seaside Heights Patrolman Erik Hershey responded to a call in Seaside Park about a woman in her 20's overdosing on heroin and saved a woman at The Desert Palm Inn in Seaside Park.

Earlier this month, on April 6, Seaside Heights Patrolman Daniel Davis helped revive a man who overdosed on heroin at the Dry Dock Motel.

County Prosecutor Joseph D. Coronato stopped by the Seaside Heights Police Department Wednesday to congratulate the officers who saved overdose victims in the Borough and Seaside Park.

The Prosecutor's Office developed the program's policy and training protocols in early January and will assist other counties in starting their own Narcan programs.

The first Narcan Kits were distributed throughout the County over the past month.

The Prosecutor's Office said the overdose victims and those who called for medical assistance will not face drug charges under the Overdose Prevention Act signed into law on May 2, 2013.