Just like everything else here in New Jersey and Ocean County, some of the best "sweets gooeyness" is right here in Ocean County.

I love when I ask you, "What's your favorite _______ in Ocean County?" Your answers are always amazing and you tell me exactly what you want or love here in New Jersey and especially Ocean County. Bakeries are always on the tops of lists.

almaje, getty images
almaje, getty images

To me, a bakery reminds me of family. Every time I walk into a bakery I think of my Nana and her kitchen. The memories are so delicious. A delicious pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, a great pie at Sunday family dinner, or a piece of delicious cake just reminds me of great times.

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These bakeries that you chose in Ocean County are incredibly tasty and locally owned for many years. What makes a great bakery. Is it the smell when you walk in? Is it their delicious pies or Italian pastries? Maybe it's a simple, delicious chocolate chip cookie. Let's talk bread, delicious bread, from bakeries. You will never find a better, fresh loaf than at a bakery.

Each one of these bakeries has its very own specialties. For instance, Mueller's in Bayhead is known for their scrumptious crumb cake. OMG, if you've never tasted it you have to try it. You will love it. LaScala's has delicious Italian pastries that will make any party or holiday jump for joy. Each one of these bakeries is simply delicious.

SWEET! Top 5 Bakeries in Ocean County, Chosen By You

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