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I hope you know that I take this segment very seriously. How many people get two minutes each morning on a legacy radio station to talk about whatever they want to…for the most part?  For more than 25 of the near 44 years I have been at WOBM I get to share my feelings with those of you who are up and on the go each weekday morning.  Whether you are getting ready for work or have started your commute, having your first or second cup of coffee, checking your email or trying to make sure your kids are not late for school you are the ones I talk to each morning.

Believe me I think of you every time I write my daily commentary.  I do try and imagine the subjects that will resonate with you realizing that this audience is diverse and so are their interests.  Of course I know not everyone will care about the subject matter for a specific day and if that is the case I hope I’m interesting enough that on those days you will just stick with me..

Everyone can’t bring their “A” game every day and I am no different.  How I view things might be very different from you but that’s okay. I don’t pretend to be an authority on anything although back in the day I did know all 50 state capitals and most of the Heisman Trophy winners from 1960 to the current year.  Unfortunately I have forgotten more than I remember which I hope is just an age thing.

Clearly today’s edition is nothing riveting but I just wanted to share with you that I take these two minutes very seriously and appreciate very much those of you who provide feedback when the written version is posted on Facebook and Twitter. I also have to thank the Causeway Family of Dealerships and Carl’s Fencing, Decking & Home Improvements for their sponsorship support which I am forever grateful for.  Just so you know I and my family do business with both and they are wonderful people who I’m proud to call friends.

So that’s it for today and I’ll try harder tomorrow.  By the way the capital of South Dakota is Pierre and John Cappelletti of Penn State won the Heisman in 1973.

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