We asked you to tell us your all-time favorite boardwalk foods. Here's what you said!

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It's possible we expected one boardwalk food to rise above all others when it came to your answers. But with multiple boardwalks at the Jersey shore and so many options when it comes to food, we should have known you're tastes would run the gambit.

From salty to sweet, vinegar fries to caramel corn, you're not shy when indulging during the summer season. As well you should! However you like to snack while strolling the boards is fully supported by SoJO 104.9, lol.


Check out some of the answers below (which we gathered from our social media pages and our app), and feel free to add yours to the comments section.

16 Boardwalk Foods That Keep South Jersey Coming Back for More

From caramel corn to vinegar fries, these are the most talked about boardwalk favorites.

Surprisingly, the only classic boardwalk food that seemed to be left out of the answers was Salt Water Taffy!

SOURCES: SoJO 104.9/Facebook; SoJO 104.9/Instagram

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