It's cold, damp, and just yucky and with this weekend's "stormy" weather, I feel we all need these beautiful sunrises in Seaside Park that will warm us right up.

In case you were not able to catch a sunrise in Seaside Park or another one of our fabulous beaches in Ocean County, you're in luck. These sunrises are absolutely gorgeous and hopefully make you feel good.

We live in the most beautiful place to see a sunrise. Every summer we broadcast every Friday morning from the beach. Lots and lots of listeners come to the beach to see a spectacular view of the sun over the ocean. We've had some fabulous sunrises over the last couple of years and they continue to be beautiful during New Jersey's summer, fall, and winter.

Creative Services, Kieferpix / Getty Images
Creative Services, Kieferpix / Getty Images

A sunrise, to me, is a new beginning, a new start to a new day. Forget everything that happened yesterday, it's a brand new start. I always say if I can bottle the sunrise up and sell it, we'd be rich. Watching a sunrise is FREE.

A sunrise brings peace. It's beautiful, there's a healing feeling when watching a sunrise, and remember it is a natural source of vitamin c. Sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous along a bay or the ocean.

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We have the beautiful sun come up here in Ocean County (except when it's raining or cloudy). Go check out a sunrise, you will not be sorry. Bring the family, they will love it, too. Hopefully, we'll be broadcasting from the beach once again, and hopefully, we will see you out there. Catch a beautiful Ocean County Sunrise.

15 Of The Most Spectacular Sunrises In Seaside Park This Summer

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