This topic seems more important today than anytime I can remember in recent history. We have been in “lockdown” for years now and it seems many are on edge. So instead of focusing on the negative I am going to put a positive spin on things.

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Now before you think I’m simply trying to paint everything gold, I have had many days during the Pandemic when I have not been “positive” or in great spirits. We have ALL had our rough days during this historic health crisis and it has tested our mental strength as much as our physical strength. So I get it, it’s not easy to just switch on the “nice” mode…but we need to start trying and end the “lockdown” mentality.


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So in an effort to simply help a bit, I have put together a list of 10 things we can simply do to be “nice” and/or spread “kindness” right here in Ocean County. Just try one today and imagine in thousands of us around the county do just one nice thing, it will make a better day for everyone, right? Just pick one.

10 Ways To Be Nice To Others Today in Ocean County

1. Pay It Forward

Maybe buy the person behind you in line their coffee or pay the next cars toll? Pay it forward for no reason other than being “nice”.

2. Hold A Door For Someone

This is sooo easy, and I hope you hear a “Thank You” another two fantastic words.

3. Let Someone Out In Traffic

Safely yield to another driver so they can get on their way, and give a smile and a wave. Less road rage…more road kindness.

4. Tell Someone THANK YOU

This should go without saying, but they are two great words.

5. Make A Donation To A Local Food Pantry

Feel blessed if you can and help the many in Ocean County he need something to eat.

6. Recycle

Keep Ocean County clean for others.

7. Volunteer

This can be done in so many different ways, volunteer your time and talent to better Ocean County.

8. Give A Senior A Hand

Know a senior who could use a hand? Lend one.

9. Donate Blood

Ocean County needs blood donors if you can, help another live.

10. Take Part In Your Next Town Clean-Up

This benefits everyone in your community.

So there you go, ten simple ways to be “nice” today and/or spread “kindness” pick just one today and let’s do this :)


Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:


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