There are places here in Ocean County and I don't care how many times I've been there, I still feel like a tourist on vacation.

I've lived in New Jersey for well over 20 years and Ocean County for 12 years and I still feel like I'm vacationing when I visit these favorite spots. When friends visit from out of town, I'm always thinking about where can I take them, we have some pretty fun and amazing places in Ocean County.

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I asked some listeners what one thing in Ocean County reminds you of a vacation. Listen, we live in a vacation area. We are very lucky. Boy, the 10 that you chose are exactly what I was thinking.

jupiterimages, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
jupiterimages, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

I want to thank Thomas, Sara, Kayla, and Courtney for all emailing me about Seaside Heights Boardwalk. Rachel from Waretown thinks the Barnegat Light House makes her feel most like a tourist every time she visits it. So many of you wrote about Six Flags Great Adventure, Pt. Pleasant Beach, Island Beach State Park, and more.

The boardwalks in Ocean County will always make you feel like you're on vacation all the time. It's one thing that represents, fun, family, smiles, and food - all things that make me feel like a tourist in my hometown. When I think LBI, instant vacation comes to mind. It's a gorgeous area of Ocean County for shopping, eating, and hanging out on the beach all day. Several friends love LBI and love going there for their "staycation". Every day is a "staycation" in Ocean County.

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