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I’m not going to beat around the bush. Or in this case the pumpkin.  I’m not a fan of Halloween which is a non-holiday holiday.

Sure I loved it when I was a kid but that’s my main problem with it. It’s for kids yet adults try and hijack the day to make themselves part of it.  Here are 10 other reasons why it’s a day that I look forward to coming to an end!

By the way this would be true even if this was not a year when COVID-19 has impacted the day.

  1. I dislike parents who send their child to your door with instructions to also get candy for a brother or sister who is home sick. Admit it, you’re lying.
  2. Those same parents often allow their children to run on your grass instead of walking up the driveway.
  3. You never know how much candy to buy. Some years I have to run out and buy more and some find me bringing bags to work the next day.  In full disclosure I’ll always keep some Kit Kats at home.
  4. I hate any Halloween-themed scary movies, especially ones that feature Michael Myers or Freddie Krueger.
  5. Halloween decorations are for the most part ugly and gross.
  6. Costumes or should I say lay thereof. I love the little children who dress up as superheroes and princesses and things like that.  However what about the teen-agers who won’t take the time to work on a costume so they throw on a hoodie and some face paint and think that’s good enough.  It’s not!
  7. Speaking of older kids, if you’re old enough to drive a car than you should not be going around house to house.  Stay home and hand out candy to the little kids.
  8. I don’t get people feeling the need to dress up their pets. Do you think your dog or cat really wants to look like that?
  9. Adults who are really into Halloween and get kicks out of scaring others. Makes me wonder.
  10. The fact that I’m never invited to a Halloween party. By the way I would not go.


There is one good thing about this Halloween.  With no parade in Toms River it means everyone will trick or treat on the same day which is Saturday.

By the way, don’t take me too seriously.  I often exaggerate to try and get a reaction from you.  However I really don’t like Halloween.


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