Halloween is so close and the decorations are fantastic for Halloween. I never remember front lawns looking as impressive as they do now for Halloween.  

These yards throughout Ocean County are just incredible. The hours that families spend putting everything up is just amazing. Thank you all for sharing with us.

photo courtesy of 1247 Cypress Street
photo courtesy of 1247 Cypress Street

I love driving around the neighborhood like a Christmastime and seeing the decorations. Halloween has become so popular and some of you go nuts for Halloween and your decorations on your front lawn are just pure awesome.

We had some incredible houses last year from Toms River, Manchester, Brick, Bayville, and Forked River, but this year it's been amazing. I'm hoping this makes for a fun night with the family driving around Ocean County looking at some great Halloween displays.

Our neighbors spend hours putting these displays together for our enjoyment, please be respectful when checking out their front yards. For some of them, you can get out of your car and walk around. I'm hoping this year will be the same. Some of our neighbors even have a charity they team up with to collect food, supplies, etc. I love this, just be on the look-out for signs out front of their displays.

Enjoy these incredible Halloween houses. Their addresses and a picture of their decoration will hopefully guide you in the right direction of all of these houses. Don't forget to grab the popcorn, apple cinnamon donuts, or ice cream and have fun and get ready to possibly be scared.


10 Halloween Decoration Displays Not to Miss in Ocean County, NJ

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