We have the best produce in New Jersey and these farmers markets were chosen by you.

These farmer's markets are awesome. From the "big" juicy strawberries to the most delicious peaches and tomatoes only found here at the Jersey Shore in Ocean and Monmouth County.

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Tis' the season for the best fresh fruit and veggies here at the Shore. Farmers Markets inspire great things --buying fresh and local and great nutritious choices. I love walking around with my daughter checking out all the delicious "freshness" that's all around us.

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Most farmers markets open up soon in Ocean and Monmouth Counties. After taking the poll what's your favorite when shopping at a Farmers Market, it's the Jersey tomato. It's always the juicy, tomato. Watermelon came in third and peaches came in second. The absolute best and the perfect summertime fruits.

Our New Jersey farmers bring out their best to these farmers markets. It's a great way of helping out our local farmers and it's always fun to walk around an outside market. Most of these farmer's markets at the Shore have all kinds of things for sale from nuts, soaps, veggies, and so much more. And, we can't forget about the dessert tables, you might just find a whoopie pie.

We have several very popular farmers markets at the Jersey Shore in Ocean and Monmouth Counties, but there might be one on this list that you never heard of and you want to check out. Personally, the Brick Farmers market is very good and I find myself there a lot. Seaside Park's farmers market is another one I check out a lot.

The 10 Best Farmers Markets at the Jersey Shore

10 Farmers Markets at the Jersey Shore to Check Out for the 2023 Season

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