You Have To Bite Into The First Ever Oreo Cookie Café In New Jersey!

Oreo has always coined itself to be “America’s Favorite Cookie” and I don’t think that I could disagree.  It is so versatile. Whether we are talking about the cookie itself, ice cream cakes, or chocolate candy bars, the possibilities are endless. They are without a doubt my favorite cookie of all time. (That is of course if we’re not including my Grandma Jeanne’s chocolate chip cookies) but that’s a given.

We grew up on Oreos just like we grew up with Grandma’s cookies and the nostalgia tastes sweet.  If you love Oreos then you’ll love this fabulous, first of it's kind Oreo Café!

This is a cookie mecca. You can craft your own personalized Oreo ice cream treat. First, you pick your style which could be a waffle, cookie sandwich, cone, or milkshake. You don’t stop there, pick your toppings which by the way gives you over 200 different combos. I’m picking an Oreo cookie sandwich with more Oreos on top LOL!

Rumor has it that they even offer an Oreo cheesecake. Yes, please.  You can rock your Oreo gear too…the shop is chock-full of everything Oreo.  This is the most delicious addition to the amazing American Dream Mall in East Rutherford.  If you have not made the drive yet to Jersey’s answer to Minneapolis’ Mall of America then drop what you are doing and GO!

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