Recently, I heard - Could Santa be virtual? Yes, is the answer.

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Well, nothing would surprise me with this year. The Cherry Hill Mall is the first of the malls in New Jersey for their Santa plan. This could be every kid's dream that doesn't like Santa or for the little ones that get scared by the big, jolly guy. Santa will be behind a plexiglass box for the safety of Santa and guests due to the coronavirus pandemic.

I saw this on the news and the mall said, guests could come up to Santa in the plexiglass box, they can see him clearly, when taking a picture, guests can take their masks off real quick for a picture.

***RESERVATIONS are necessary when visiting Santa. 

Here are the CDC guidelines when visiting with Santa:

*Staff will be wearing masks

*Employees will have their temperature taken everyday.

*Hand sanitizer will be available.

*Guests will wear masks at all times, except for when taking a pictures.

*Guests will get their temperature checked.

CLICK here for the complete list of guidelines due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

And new this year at the Cherry Hill Mall a visit from Santa from the comfort of your home with virtual Santa. Virtual Santa needs a reservation, also.

I'm patiently waiting to see if the Ocean County Mall will do the same thing...the Freehold Raceway Mall? Monmouth Mall? What will these malls do this year?

What do you think of a virtual Santa? Santa in plexiglass?

Sue Moll
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