Has your Facebook feed been filled with old yearbook photos lately?

Maybe you've joined in and shared an old high school picture of yourself.

Everybody's hearts are in the right place, but consumer watchdogs are warning that we could be giving scammers an easy way in to our sensitive accounts.

The whole thing is meant to support the class of 2020, who have had their senior year derailed by the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The idea is, let's all post our old yearbook photos as a show of support to this year's high school seniors who have had class trips, proms, and possibly even graduation ceremonies sidelined because of the health emergency.

But the Better Business Bureau warns that a lot of us are giving scammers an easy way to hack into our accounts, saying:

...Scammers or hackers who surf through social media sites will see these #ClassOf2020 posts, and will now have the name of your high school and graduation year, which are common online security questions.

The BBB suggests that if you've already taken part and included your info, you should give your sensitive accounts a once-over to make sure that you haven't used what you just gave away as security questions.

You can read much more by clicking here for the Better Business Bureau's warning.


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