It was the first summer in a long time that I didn't get my Wunder Wiener, because of the unfortunate accident that happened well over a year ago.

Wunder Wiener fundraiser
(Beachwood Police)

Wunder Wiener, which was once in the former Beachwood Mall Plaza in Berkeley Township, will be moved down a little bit South on Rt 9 in the vacant lot between Black Beard's Cave and Fuller's Marina. The owner Jerry LaCrosse was hurt badly when a car drove into the food truck. After this horrible accident the community came together to help raise money for the LaCrosse family and Mr. LaCrosse always said der Wunder Wiener will be built again and it looks like it's coming true, according to

LaCrosse hopes to open the new and improved Wunder Wiener before it gets too cold.

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