This coming Saturday October 7 Jackson Township will host the Wounded Warrior Parade for its 10th year in recognition and honor of those who have served our nation and defended the freedoms we have as Americans.

Wounded Warrior Parade in 2014. (Photo Credit Jackson Township Government)
Wounded Warrior Parade in 2014. (Photo Credit Jackson Township Government)

It's a days event that has honored and will do so again Saturday bring together veterans from various American battles and will not only include the parade, which is open to the public, but a reception for the veterans afterwards.

Chairman of the Central Jersey Wounded Warrior program and member of Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club, Al Dolce, says it's a great way to show our veterans that we appreciate that sacrifices they made to protect our freedoms.

"We've got kids that went out and put their life on the line for us and they deserve all the respect in the world," said Dolce.

He says the value of the support shown for veterans is beyond words.

"I can't describe it," said Dolce. "I don't have words that will do it."

Dolce is also seeing many of his fellow veterans become overwhelmed with the support they receive.

"A lot of people, once they meet them (the veterans/wounded warriors), they can't seem to do enough for them," said Dolce. "It's been terrific. It's been quite an experience."

He also says he's seen Vietnam veterans look out for today's vets.

"I would hear (from the Vietnam vets), 'we were treated like crap, we're going to make sure that doesn't happen to these kids," said Dolce.

He also explains that the bond between wounded warrior vets is strong beyond words.

"When you get these Wounded Warrior Veterans together and they're in a group with themselves...the chemistry there is really special," said Dolce.

There will be an exclusive reception just for the vets Saturday that includes a raffle for the Warriors but Dolce says everyone is welcome to join them at the parade that begins at 9:30 outside of the justice complex on Jackson Drive.

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