If you think everybody's taking a load off to enjoy the off season over at Morey's Piers in Wildwood, well, you're dead wrong on that one.

This is actually the time of year when everyone over at Morey's Piers disassembles certain rides that need some TLC and do all the upgrades they have planned in an effort to get the piers in tip-top shape for the following summer season. That's exactly what is happening this week on the Wildwood boards.

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According to Wildwood Video Archive, a ride that was previously thought to have been gone forever from Morey's Piers looks to be making a come-back for the summer 2022 season.

The Balloon Race, a ride formerly located on Surfside Pier, has had its foundation restored on the pier for the upcoming season. The ride was taken off of Surfside Pier completely for the 2021 season, but nobody really knew why. Now, thanks to Wildwood Video Archive, we've got that answer.

Apparently, the ride was removed completely because Morey's was waiting for a part for the popular children's ride that, due to COVID-19 and all the shipping delays from the last year, was taking FOREVER to come in. Instead of leaving the ride there inoperable for the entire summer, the folks at Morey's decided to remove it until the part could be replaced.

Now, Morey's is refurbishing the Balloon Race ride from top to bottom and will have it ready for young riders by the start of the summer season.

You can read more about the renovations going on over on the Wildwood boardwalk HERE.

Source: WildwoodVideoArchive.com

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