What did we all do before the internet?  Do you ever think about that?  I realize that for a number of recent questions and projects that have popped up, my first step was to "Google it."  I'm so grateful to be able to use "Google" as a verb.  It comes in handy every day!

For example:

  • When my friend gave me a big batch of cherry tomatoes and I had a big spaghetti squash in the kitchen, I searched to find a recipe that could put both ingredients to use.  The result was a yummy pasta and veggie dish.
  • When my stove wouldn't turn on, Google led me to a video about how to clean the little holes on the burner.  It also reminded me to check the breaker box which was actually the source of the problem.  And a very easy solution!
  • When my car's key fob stopped working, Google led me to a helpful video on how to install a new battery.  It also showed me there's a little key inside the key fob that can be used to manually open up the car when the fob's not working.  Very helpful!
  • When I wanted to wash my plastic shower liner, Google led me to many different suggestions.
  • When visitors come, it's easy to Google "day trips in Ocean County," or "beaches in New Jersey" and see what comes up.

I hardly ever use user manuals or brochures anymore.  It seems the quicker easier way to get needed information is to Google it.  Do you use the internet as your first step when you're looking for information?  If you're not using Google, what is YOUR preferred search engine?  Please answer in the Comments section.

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