It's my annual who has the cleanest bathroom in Ocean County. There were lots of restaurants and businesses named for their "clean bathrooms" in Ocean County. We'll find out the winner of 2020.

It's that time again. Every year I do it. It's the New Year and I always keep in check with those restaurants and businesses with the cleanest bathroom. 

Now you wonder, "Why, Sue?" Because when you have a child and me at 48 with a bladder of an ant who has to go every half hour... we need a clean bathroom.

The cleanest bathroom doesn't have to be a restaurant. Maybe it's a business, or at a boardwalk, arcade, etc. It's tough sometimes to find a clean public restroom. That's why this is important to find a really good one, just in case. Some of them out there are really disgusting.

Maybe it's the way the soap smells or maybe they use hand dryers instead of seeing paper towels everywhere. With all of this in mind, where is the cleanest bathroom in Ocean County? Click here for the "clean bathroom" #1.

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Thank you for all of your responses.

Here are the "tops" when it comes to bathrooms, according to listeners in Ocean County. Vote for your favorite now.

Who will WIN?

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